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INNOVATIVE INDIA is a non-profit organisation bringing humanistic, natural, no non-sense, cruelty free and eco-friendly solutions to every sphere of life including technology, agriculture, health, media, research and education.

We operate throughout with our state of the art services and products enriching human lives.
Individuals and organisations are welcome to get benefit of our wide ranging customized services and products.

  Innovative India
(Putting Innovation in Life)

Innovative India a non-profit organisation which aims at putting novel methods and technologies in to our lives thus helping India to emerge as a real leader in technology, sports, health sector and educational world.

Our Mission

To serve humanity with the eco-friendly technological solutions.

To promote such technologies which generate employment and enhance sustainability.


Joining Us

Any person can become a member. There is no membership fee. Donor members have priviledge of many elaborate services. Donor members may contact us for knowing how to donate.

Sister Oganisations

Donate for a Cause Close to Your Heart

Your donation of as little as 1 US Dollar can go a long way in providing a complete life saving system to someone in any part of world who is dying of poor knowledge about health, poor health care system, poor medical insurance. Please get in touch with us for donation from your hard earned money.


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Organization News
(A Social Activism Campaign
to Involve A Normal Citizen in
Society Building Processes)

  • Free Yoga Healing Camps all over the world are being organised with the help of our sister organisations like The Open University of Yoga.
  • Chronic and dreaded diseases like asthma, cancer, tuberculosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, parkinson, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, hypertension, etc. are completely cured with the treatment based on yoga, naturopathy and ayurveda within few days.
  • Free Computer Education to underpriviledged and economically poor children in all parts of world.
  • Free health care in areas where primary health care is absent.
  • Peace missions in areas experiencing violence and terrorism.
  • Economical rebuilding of nations/areas after climatic/social upheavels like earthquake, civil wars, national debts, etc.
  • Help to all kind of refugees.
  • Saving of all kind of creatures whether wild or otherwise.
  • Reduction of pollution and water and energy saving.

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