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IT Services
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Free Business / Image Promotion
Unbelievable Low Prices for
Top-Notch Web-Site Packages

Your 24 Hour
Professionally Managed
Virtual Office
Starts From
Only Rupee One

A Day

Free Web Site
to Select
Social workers

Imagine You Get
Free Status & Respect
for Your Business
with Cheap but
Hi fi Web Site

Free Monthly Health Check-Up
& Free Yoga Training for Life From
National Institue of Yoga & Alternative Medicine

Free Entry in at least 3 Internet Business Directories :

Business Directory of Hisar & other Districts

Business Directory of Haryana, other States & India

Local, National & International Who’s Who

10 Words Free: Firm Name & Address only

Rs 10 per word per year for Publishing Information on Products, Services, Email, Fax & Telephone
Print Version of Directories is a Possibility in Near Future

Starter Web-page Package :
In reputed web-site at district, state, national & international level

1 Web page Rs 80 per year + 1 Free Photo of 3X5 inches
Dedicated Web-page Rs 235 per year with hi-fi facilities

Basic Web-site Package : Example:

Rs 365 per year Free Social Brand Promotion

5 pages 3 Photographs.

5 Free Text Ads (3X5 inches) in local web-sites of repute.

Premium Web-site Package: Example:,

Rs 945 per year Free Social Brand Promotion

20 - 30 pages 5 Photographs

One Feed Back Form One Search Engine

5 Free Graphic Ads on Reputed Local & National Web-sites

Customized Web-site Package: Choice of Three Domains

Starting at Rs 6600 per year Hi-Fi facilities (E-Commerce, Blog)

Unlimited Pages, Photos, & Videos Unlimited Updates

Dedicated 50 E-mail Accounts Virtual Office Support

Unlimited Forms, Guestbooks, Search Engines

Free System Analysis & Business Quality Control Support
Free Social & Subsidized Professional Brand Promotion

Terms & Conditions

Feed Back Form / Other Forms : Rs 75 per year

Guest Book : Rs 50 per year, Blog Rs 125 per year

Search Engine : Rs 100 per year

Typing : Re 0.25 Per word

Hindi/Panjabi Web-site Rs 30 extra per page

English Audio Intro Rs 100 per page per year

Hindi Audio Intro Rs 500 per page per year

Local/National News Updates Rs 150 per year

Special Prices for Social/Spiritual Organisation

Totally Free Web-sites for Select Social Workers/Organisatons

Graphic/Text ads Rs 100/Rs 25 per sq inch per year

Ads in reputed newsletters/brochures @ Rs 50 per sq inch

Virtual Office Mgt* incl. Call Center Support Rs 5000 per year

Hi-fi Physical Office Space* Rs 50 per hour/Rs 6000 per year

Advance Payment 1 month only, EMI 0% Interest

Taxes, levies & local charges extra (Site Visit Rs 100)

All charges, specifications & packages are subject to change without any prior notice, 100% 30 Days Money Back Guarnatee

Photo 3X5 inches Rs 55 (Rs 10 per sq inch for bigger photo)

Photography / Videography Session : Rs 250 per hour

E-mail/Form Query Forward : Rs 3 per query (Rs 100 adv.)
Unlimited Updates, Extra web-page Rs 50 per year

Video Rs 100 & Music Rs 100 per minute per year

Size of Web-page is equal to A4 Size with 400 words Max (Rs 0.50 per word extra after 400 words)

Chat Room Rs 115 per year, Music Rs 85 per year

Email Account Rs 200 per year, Rs 50 per e-mail account

Extra Web-site at 50% cost for back-up

Video Ads Starting From Rs 1000 only

All latest hi-fi facilities for Rs 1000 per year

SMS Automatic Query System Starting at Rs 6500

Totally Free Yoga Training & Monthly Health Check-up for Life for family/instituion/company members with all packages

Free 1 Month Computer Course# for 2 Persons with Web-site

Web-site & other paid or free facilities can be suspended closed or at any time without notice or without any reason

#electricity charges Rs 50 per month apply

*with free web-site worth Rs 1500 per year

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